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Language Comprehension

  • Are the mental models derived from text functionally equivalent to the mental representations derived from direct experience?
  • Are the mental models that are created in narrative comprehension dynamic representations?
  • How do people mentally represent the order and duration of events described in a text?

Cognitive Ontology

  • In which respects differ the mental representations of states, processes, and events?
  • How do people mentally represent multiple things (e.g., the books lying on a desk)?

Foci of Past Research

Aphasic Disorders

(see e.g., Cohen et al., 1980, 1988; Kelter, 1990, 1994; Kelter et al., 1976, 1977)

Conceptual Identification of Objects

(see Kelter et al., 1984, Müller, & Kelter, 1998)



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